The Xiaomi invention that you did not expect today costs 143 euros

Xiaomi is a company that has a multitude of products. In the world of cleaning it began several years ago with robot vacuum cleaners, but also with handheld vacuum cleaners that are perhaps somewhat less well known. Today you can get the Xiaomi handheld vacuum cleaner for only 143.21 euros.

Dyson was one of the vacuum cleaner manufacturers that started in the world of cordless handheld vacuum cleaners.. These types of devices are very complete and useful, since they can be stored almost anywhere and are much less bulky than traditional vacuum cleaners.

The autonomy of the Xiaomi 1C is 30 minutes. It has a 0.5 liter capacity tank and does not have a bag, emptying it will be enough, since the filter is washable. Its suction power is 1,200 AW.

Its design is very sober and elegant, which allows you even more to go completely unnoticed.

The recharging time is around 3 hours, but it is designed so that it is ready to use as soon as you take it off its support.

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Thanks to the Idealo price comparator it is possible to know where to find a certain product at the best price. In this case, the Xiaomi 1C costs 143.21 euros in a Spanish store called ‘PC Store‘which offers shipping from Spain and In two business days you could have your vacuum cleaner at home to clean your entire home.

The great advantage it has is that beyond the home, you can use it in places like the car with different accessories.

Discover the best price of the Xiaomi 1C

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