The Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and its QHD + (2K) screen can be seen in the MIUI 12 code – Xiaomi news

The rumors surrounding the next Xiaomi Mi 11 do not stop emerging. While a few weeks ago we knew about its more than likely 48MP wide-angle camera, now it is through the MIUI 12 code that it is mentioned that your screen would have a QHD + resolution.

As you have discovered kacskrz, the screen of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro would reach 3,200 × 1,440 pixels, thus placing itself in the range of 2K screens or rather QuaHD. In addition, it would become the first Xiaomi smartphone to incorporate this resolution.

This is at least suggested by the internal code of MIUI 12, where mention is made of a device that makes use of a QHD + resolution and that would have a mode capable of changing said resolution to FHD +, thus saving energy.


name=“resolution_fhd”>FHD+ (Full HD)>
name=“resolution_qhd”>QHD+ (Quad HD)>
name=“resolution_qhd_summary”>3200×1440 (consumes more power)>
name=“save_battery_mode”>Save power with QHD+>
name=“save_battery_mode_summary”>Switch resolution automatically to save power>

In itself, the first candidate who has made a relationship is the next Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro, a new flagship that could be presented at the end of the year together with a great evolution compared to the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, either in fast loading, in performance and apparently, in screen resolution.

It should be noted that the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro has a pantalla FHD+ a 90Hz, so the change up to 120Hz in QHD + resolution that this new Xiaomi flagship promises would be quite remarkable. Even so, we may not be facing the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro but another new device such as the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4.

Source | XDA-Developers

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