The Y chromosome, the last piece of the complete human genome, has been deciphered

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For years, the sequencing of the human Y chromosome, one of the two sex chromosomes It has been a challenge due to the complexity of its structure. Now, a team of more than one hundred scientists has managed to decipher it, an important step to discover its real role in development, fertility or cancer.

Complete chromosome sequencing associated with male development it was the last missing piece in the map of the human genome and its details are presented in two articles in the journal Nature.

Behind this achievement is the T2T Consortium (Telomere to Telomere), the same one that in 2022 published six articles in the journal Science and in a dozen complementary writings in other publications the first complete sequence of the human genome.

This almost finished map -which lacked the definitive “photo” of the Y chromosome- came to finish off the milestone achieved two decades ago, when it was mapped near 92% of the human genomewhich already meant a revolution in biology and medicine.

In 2022, data from the remaining 8% were provided, revealing hidden regions important for understanding genetic diseases, reproduction, or human diversity. The articles published today in Nature come full circle.

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