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This Tuesday morning in western France, a group of friends in Mayenne, Baptiste, Bertrand and some others on a scaffolding. They are giving the final touches to a gigantic statue of Johnny Hallyday, whose first anniversary will be celebrated tomorrow. Ouest France tells us that on the eve of this anniversary, several statues of the singer will be unveiled throughout France. The other day in the Journal du dimanche yesterday, a nameless minister compared to minimizing the Parisian manifestations of "yellow jackets" to the millions of fans of the idol on the Champs-Elysees. Obviously we do not compare a demo and a goodbye. On the other hand, who would dare say that France in yellow is not a bit like Johnny's? A few days ago at Causeur, Denis Bachelot dared this comparison: "And if the December 2017 road was that of November 2018. In many respects, the France of" yellow jackets "resembles Johnny's France," he writes. "Popular, despised, loves the cigarette and the car, in a word freedom". And remember, a year ago, the President of the Republic knew how to understand this wounded France, he found the words on the square of Madeleine, in front of the first whistles of Johnny fans. He knew how to touch his heart in France. A year later, he must calm his anger and scream. Not with words but with solutions.

From "yellow gilet" to "young gilet"?

It is the liberation that sets the tone the day after yesterday's block of 150 establishments, the daily wonders if we do not pass from "yellow vests" to "young jackets". And now, high school students, Progress says. The yellow fever wins the high school students exclaims the morning of the Var. Idem to the Republican Lorena The high school students after the "yellow jackets". And of course in Libération as in Figaro, we can compare between May 68 and December 2018. But for Le Figaro, on May 68, it was bored in France, in December 2018 it would be rather France to be fed up.

Medef dares to abandon ballast

It is the economic eve which is ruined by opinion, the same for Echoes. And the Midi Libre offers a very concrete example with, in the Gard, the Royal Canin pet food production plant. Its director estimates losses of almost 10 million euros, a 40% decline in business and the technical unemployment of forty employees. In Echoes, we fear a scenario for the Italian and the option of the budget deficit that would finance measures in favor of "yellow jackets". This is not what the head of Medef fears on Tuesday morning in Paris today in France. To get out of the crisis, Geoffroy Roux de Bezieu does not offer a hand, it is an arm: a moratorium on fuels, new allowances for mileage, an increase in smic and a new cut in spending and new tax cuts for businesses and individuals. It is Christmas.

The return of DSK and the Wall of Cons case

Nothing to do with the crisis of "yellow jackets", has been scheduled for a long time but the former head of the International Monetary Fund Dominique Strauss-Kahn today launched a club of elaboration of a progressive thought. Is it a return to politics? Not at all, he defends himself with a murderous phrase "Nothing annoys me more than the maintenance of the sexagenarians who have problems leaving the scene". François Hollande will appreciate. And since we are talking about return, a word to evoke the return of an old story, remember, the wall of idiots, this picture covered by photos of political and economic leaders found in the premises of the Union of Magistrates with the mention before adding a check to verify that it is not already there, well the process of the president of the time begins today reminds us this morning southwest. A slight consolation for the elite and the political class of the time that are nailed today, twisted by "yellow jackets".

Pay the Bayonne Festival: praise "at the same time"

In the southwest also, not "yellow gilet" but red scarves, symbol of the annual Bayonne festivals in the Basque country. Bayonne drawing a positive balance of the first paid edition of the festivities. The city has reduced the bill for the tax payer by selling 167,000 bracelets to eight euros to tourists. It will also renew the experience with the goal of increasing the margin to improve the quality of the holidays. Like what we can "at the same time" reduce the bill for the tax payer and pay for a service. At the same time …


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