The “You” series breaks a record held by “Squid Game”

Source: Elle

22/11/2021 16:00

As soon as it was released, the “Squid Game” series broke all records, making people talk about it all over the world and even causing some excesses in schools. Unsurprisingly, a second season of the Korean series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk has already been announced, to the delight of fans.

For the moment, no release date is known yet. “Squid Game” beaten by the “You” series Like every week, Nielsen has published its weekly viewing index on all streaming platforms and a surprise has been unveiled regarding the ranking of Netflix series.

Indeed, after several weeks at the top of the ranking of the most watched series on the platform, “Squid Game” was dethroned. It is the series “You” with Penn Badgley in the role of the psychopath Joe Goldberg which won the setting in the last classification to date.

Not surprisingly enough, since season 3 of “You” has only been available since October 15, while that of “Squid Game” was released a little earlier. It remains to be seen whether a series will be strong enough to dethrone “Squid Game” from its place as the most viewed series of the year on Netflix in 2021.

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