The young man dies in the prison of Maduro for lack of medical care


Relatives and human rights organizations, who buried him on Friday, report the lack of adequate medical care in the Uribana prison, where he was held in Barquisimeto (Lara state, west).

He is the eighth inmate of the place that dies in similar conditions so far this year, according to the Observatory Venezolano de Prisiones (OVP), a government critic.

"She started having a fever since December," says Sister Yoliani at the AFP.

Virgilio was finally transferred to a hospital in the city on February 1, but about four hours later he was returned to the prison, adds Yoliani.

His condition worsened and Tuesday he was sent back to the medical center, where he died at night due to a hemorrhagic shock after several days of digestive bleeding.

When Yoliani arrived that day at the hospital, he found Virgilio "delirious".

"He told me: Yoliani, I feel like I'm going to die," he said. A short time later, when the young man went to the bathroom, "he was overflowing with blood".

Virgil has been imprisoned in Uribana since November 21, 2017, arrested by the military during a wave of opposition protests against Maduro who left 125 dead. He was accused of "terrorism", according to OVP, and a hearing on the case had not yet been held.

His family had not seen him since last December. Two weeks ago, Virgilio had called them on the phone to ask for medicines and food.

He then said, according to Yoliani, that in prison they gave him untidy food, many times – with worms.

Responding to his request, the family has brought medicines to reduce fever, but Yoliani says that caretakers prohibited the passage of these drugs.

"My brother is already dead, all I ask is justice and respect for the human rights of other prisoners," he said.

According to the Foro Penal critic, Maduro critic, in Venezuela there are a thousand "political prisoners" after the new arrests in demonstrations called on January 21 by opposition Juan Guaidó, head of Parliament recognized as interim president of Venezuela by a hundred of the countries.

Since July 2011, the government has launched a plan to adjust penalties to international standards.

However, NGOs often report deaths from malnutrition and diseases such as tuberculosis, with overcrowding in detention centers of over 250%.



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