The young woman is a worker priest –


Priests where we do not expect them

Chantal Joly

Salvator, 176 p., 18 €

The author proposes a "journey to unknown land", an immersion into the daily life of the young and fewer priests of the Mission of France. Chantal Joly met a fortnight that lives her mission by merging into their professional world. At the same time true priest and true worker, Jean-Marc, factor, Vincent, auxiliary of life or Xavier, master, tells – sometimes a bit in a hurry – their life on the crest line between the Church and the society. Far from being "extraterrestrials" out of their time, these heirs of a rich history of social Christianity testify to their spirituality, their professional difficulties but also their doubts about the relevance of their mission. " But my presence may seem unusual, even off the subject, supplication Xavier, It means the gratuitousness of the love of God for all humanity. "

Arnaud Bevilacqua


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