The Zelensky party has announced new elections: Ukraine: former USSR:


The next elections in Ukraine will be held in 2020. With such a statement on the TV channel ICTV The head of the people's government, Dmitry Razumkov, spoke.

We are talking about the election of local authorities. At the same time, the politician stressed that much, including the conduct of the vote, will depend on the local authorities. According to him, there are many examples in the country of how the authorities are ineffective at the local level, highlighting the facts of corruption and the theft of funds from the center to the regions.

However, he has not even ruled out that the elections will be able to pass even earlier, in 2019, noting that "only time will tell". According to him, President Zelensky's team will operate "in the area of ​​current legislation".

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Previously, the media, citing sources, wrote that the presidential office was planning to hold local elections as soon as possible. The main topic of the decision was the result of Zelensky's "Servant of the People" party in the first elections for the Verkhovna Rada.

Elections for the Ukrainian parliament took place on 21 July. The total turnout was 49.84 percent of the voters. Following the preparation of 90 percent of the votes, Zelensky's Popular Party Servant will be able to form a single-party majority, receiving 253 of the 450 mandates. In addition to the party in power, the "Opposition Platform – For Life" party of Viktor Medvedchuk, also passes into parliament the party of the former president of Ukraine "European Solidarity" by Petro Poroshenko, "Batkivshchyna" of deputy Yulia Tymoshenko and leader of the Okean Elzy musical group of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk.


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