The ‘zombie’ knives that threaten London teenagers

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The altars in memory of the fallen teenagers in the middle of the street and in the light of day They are a common scene on the outskirts of London. And especially in neighborhoods like Croydonwhich carries the bad reputation of the district with more minors killed at the end of the fearsome knives zombiespopularized by apocalyptic films and characterized by those serrated leaves that have a devastating effect.

The last victim was a 15-year-old girl, Elianne Andam, shortly after getting off a double-decker bus on Route 60, on the way to school. At the stop she was waiting for a friend who had just break a relation with a 17 year old boy. The supposed boyfriend suddenly appeared, with the masked face, showing with one hand a bag containing some of his ex’s belongings. Elianne tried mediate between them, and at one point she grabbed the bag with her friend’s things and he ran away. The boy ran after her and took a knife from her backpack. zombie 30 centimeters long. He stuck it in his neck and chest.before the stunned eyes of passers-by at 8:30 on Wednesday morning.

The aggressor turned leakwhile the bus driver got off to assist the teenager. An ambulance arrived a few minutes later, but the paramedics could do little to save his life. The murderer was arrested hours later eight kilometers from the car location, where bouquets of flowers appeared in memory of Elianne a few hours later.

With it, they are already 15 teenagers killed on the streets of London So far this year, two have suffered gunshot wounds and 13 have been stabbed. Maximum concern has once again been unleashed in the city due to the epidemic of attacks with machetes or zombie knivesafter the wave of 30 deaths (five in Croydon) in 2021.

The premier Rishi Sunak expressed his “absolute stupor” at the death of Elianne, “a girl not much older than my own daughters who has seen her life cruelly ended in this way.” The knives zombies are on the list of prohibited weapons since 2016 in the United Kingdom. However, its circulation among street gangs increased even during the pandemic and peaked in 2021. According to the new measures introduced just a month ago by the Department of the Interior, its illegal possession may deserve sentences of up to two years in prison. The measures also affect production and sales, promoted on some internet portals until recently.

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