“Theater is magic” was stated by the winner of the stimulus program granted by the Mayor of Soacha

At just 20 years old, Lina Merchán is a young woman with a passion for art and theater. She participated in the stimulus program that was awarded to the artists of the municipality and of which, she was the winner with her project entitled ‘The beginning after the end’.

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This project is a monologue that narrates the life of a young woman who at an early age has tried to resort to suicide due to different factors, which Lina proposes in her video, is a reflection of the importance of overcoming everyday problems and “highlighting the beauty of life and how beautiful it is to be full of life ”.

“The proposal was born from a ‘variaté’ that was wanted to do with the group Taller Teatro Grupo Experimental (…). We started getting proposals and Fredy Benavides, our director, mentioned the call to us. Erika is 22 years old and has anxiety, depression and stress problems which increased during the pandemic, she has a strong crisis (…). Finally, in a fourth suicide attempt, he begins to reflect and comes to the idea of ​​how valuable life is. “

Lina Merchán – Artist and Winner of the Incentive Program

More than a monologue, Lina thinks that this character is a message for all those people who are going through difficult situations, because her character is also based on a long investigation that she carried out, on the diseases that she mentioned above.

«The actor must be very aware of what he hears and what he sees, these are the foundations of the actor, when we are at home we are no longer actors, but those teachings of the theater remain (…). To listen to all those experiences that were around me. (…). There was a fairly extensive investigation of what has to do with investigating diseases such as anxiety, depression and listening to people’s experiences.

Lina Merchán – Artist and Winner of the Incentive Program

On the other hand, she seeks to perform a different character, Lina also joined the group ‘Kalon Makeup Artistico’, which won one of the incentives granted by the Ministry of Culture and there she made a diploma seeking to embody a different character, the challenge is Once, in addition to acting, she had to put into practice her artistic makeup skills, thus creating the monologue ‘El Tributo’.

“A latex makeup was made and a not so elaborate wardrobe was made to show the abandonment of the old lady (…). In the tribute, the story is told of a woman who is in charge of looking for some myths and legends of the region and finds a half-strange lady who kills her husband, her name is Abigail, they have to see her ”.

Lina Merchán – Artist and Winner of the Incentive Program

This is how the makeup, wardrobe and a well structured script, this young woman has managed to play and demonstrate her love for the theater, like many people she has had to live not so pleasant experiences, but her smile and the desire to continue have made it a strong young woman and as she stated, the theater has been her “best weapon against any adversity”

«All this began with the theater, we began to make presentations and each time I fell in love more and more, the message, the intention, what one can achieve with this in a person, in an audience, in a child, in someone who He has never seen theater, it is something fascinating (…). There were falls, climbs, the normal thing, but it is a path that fills you ».

Lina Merchán – Artist and Winner of the Incentive Program

Finally, with the phrase, ‘Theater is magic’ Lina said that the fact of having come to theater has helped her to be a different person, who thinks critically, sees life in a different way, gaining this encouragement Because of his work, it is a way of saying that “in the municipality there is art”, for that reason he makes an invitation for people to support art in Soacha.

«I am one of the people who amazes me to see the talent and diversity that there is in Soacha and it is for everyone, theater, dance, crafts, sports, I believe that these processes must be supported, art and culture are a tool for social change. So the message is for people who have a drug problem, family members or who are on the streets, the invitation is for them to live again and art is an opportunity for everyone and we are there to contribute to that change.

Lina Merchán – Artist and Winner of the Incentive Program

For those interested in seeing the monologues performed by Lina Merchán, they can do so by giving click here.

We invite you to watch the full interview below:

By: Geraldine Collazos.

Reviewed by: Felipe Rodríguez Pérez

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