Entertainment Theatrical director Murad Mounir suffered a stroke ... and...

Theatrical director Murad Mounir suffered a stroke … and was transferred to the hospital

Theater director Murad Mounir suffered a stroke, and was subsequently transferred to the hospital after the intervention of Dr. Ashraf Zaki, head of the acting professions, and was transferred quickly.

It is noteworthy that the director, Murad Mounir, is an Egyptian theater director, who studied at the Faculty of Law, and over the course of his artistic career, he directed many important plays, including: (The King of Shahateen), (Menin Ajib Nas), (Si Ali and his follower) and (The King is the King) Which is the most successful of his plays and starred in the star Mohamed Mounir, Salah Al Saadani and Fayza Kamal. This play achieved great success and was re-presented more than one season.

And the seventh day he wishes the director to recover.



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