Thefts in Cagliari shops: nine complaints

Nine peopleaged between 22 and 49, were reported by the State Police of Cagliari on charges of aggravated theft and receiving stolen goods.

The agents of the Flying Squad entered into action, intervened following reports of thefts, made at night, in two commercial activities of Sant’Avendrace. In the sights, an auto parts shop and a resale of cosmetics and hairdressing items.

From the first inspections, the policemen ascertained that the thieves, after having broken the windows of the premises, had entered inside, raiding goods for an estimated value of around 10 thousand euros.

The operators of the Scientific Police also carried out surveys on the spot, identifying clues that led to the hypothesis of the same hands behind both shots.

In the course of the subsequent investigations, the agents then searched the home of a foreign citizen, inside a building already watched by the police. And, right in that same building, they were finally identified seven peoplesuspected of being responsible for the thefts in question, as well as a large part of the stolen goods removed from the two businesses.

A further inspection of the home of one of the suspects made it possible to identify two other people involved“Stuck” both by the images of the video surveillance of shops and both wounds that they had procured in an attempt to intrude inside the looted premises.

In the same accommodation she was found other stolen goods of considerable value, including electric hair straighteners. Other stolen items were traced inside a duffel bag, hidden among the high jewels of an uncultivated fieldnear one of the two shops.

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At the end of the investigations, the nine people were, as mentioned, reported to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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