Their parents forbade them to marry, so they got married after 60 years

Jeanette Steer, now 78, and Len Allbrighton, a year older, met as health workers on the Isle of Wight. They liked each other so much that they wanted to get married soon and move to Australia.

But Jeanette’s parents didn’t even want to hear about the wedding. In 1963, girls under the age of twenty-one needed the legal consent of their parents to get married. And they refused to give it at the time, the girl was only eighteen at the time, writes the server New York Post.

The relationship between the two young people ended very soon, and Len moved to Australia alone before long. He built a house there, got married and had three children. He also married Jeanette and had two children.

Two young lovers have finally tied the knot, six decades after their parents called off…

Posted by Didastv News on Wednesday, March 22, 2023

The way for the two to be together again began to open in 2015, when Len’s wife died. So he decided to find Jeanette and went to England, where he found her address on the electoral roll in the library. “I was scared because I didn’t know what her reaction would be,” he described his feelings as he reached her house and peered over the fence into the garden.

She must have lied to her husband

Jeanette went out to see who was standing outside, and at first she didn’t recognize Lena at all. “I almost died when I found out who he was,” she gives her version of the meeting many years later. But at that time she was still married, so Lena almost drove away and then told her husband that there was a strange man at the fence asking for directions.

But when her husband died two years later, Lena decided to contact herself. She knew his address from the Christmas card he had sent her earlier. Then it wasn’t far to the next meeting, and Len also proposed to his old love to move in with him. Their relationship flourished and this February they finally got married after 60 years.

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