their price may well have leaked before its time

The price of Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 would take the path of inflation, according to the latest leaks.

Samsung Galaxy S22: their price may well have leaked before the timeThe launch of the series Samsung Galaxy S22 is expected for this month of february. If as the leaks progress, we learn more and more about the Korean giant’s premium smartphones, there is still important information that has not yet filtered very much: the price of the S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra.

Very recently, two leakers operating on Twitter, chunvn8888 and TechInsider (formerly SnoopyTech), have just released the alleged prices in dollars and euros of the S22. So here’s what we can potentially expect.

The alleged prices of the S22

  • S22: 899 dollars / 912 euros in 128/8 GB and 963 euros in 256/8 GB
  • S22 +: 1099 dollars / 1119 euros in 128/8 GB and 1170 euros in 256/8 GB
  • S22 Ultra: 1299 dollars / 1430 euros in 256/12 GB and 1544 euros in 512/12 GB.

If these prices are correct, the S22 would therefore be on average more expensive than the S21 sold for 859 and 909 euros when they were released. The S22+ for its part sold for 1059 and 1109 euros when it was released. The S22 Ultra would follow the same path with an S21 Ultra which was at 1309 and 1439 euros for the same configurations.

In short, we should therefore experience an increase of between 10 dollars for the S22 + and up to 95 euros for the most equipped S22 Ultra.

The Tab S8 should also be more expensive

According to Phone Arena, Samsung’s future tablets, the Galaxy Tab S8, S8+ and S8 Ultra should also take the path of inflation.

The entry-level model is said to sell for between $800 and $850, much higher than the Tab S7’s $650. The Tab S8+ would follow the same path, dropping from $850 to $900 or $1,000, while the Tab S8 Ultra could fetch the exorbitant price of $1,100. All these prices would concern 5G models, more or less capable of offering the same functionalities as a smartphone.

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All this information is obviously to be taken with a few tweezers.

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