"Then you should leave the United States"


Donald Trump takes the counterattack: first, he attacked MPs with racist comments on Twitter. After much criticism from the Democrats, the president of the United States is now again in anger.

After his controversial Twitter attacks on several Democrats from the United States Congress, US President Donald Trump is back strong. "If they don't like it here, then they can go," Trump said Monday at a White House show in Washington ahead of a small group of aspiring Democratic deputies in the House of Representatives. "They hate our country," said Trump. "They complain all the time." If they are not happy here, they should simply leave the United States.

The day before, Trump had asked several members of Congress to "return" to their country of origin instead of "brutally telling" how the US government should be managed.

Criticism also from the British Prime Minister Theresa May

The leading democrats rejected the US President's repression of immigrants as xenophobic and divergent. Even abroad, Trump's statement made waves. British Prime Minister Theresa May, with whom Trump was spared several attacks, said Monday through a spokesman who considers the president's language "absolutely unacceptable".

US President Donald Trump racially attacked several democratic women in Congress. On Twitter, he urged young parliamentarians to leave the United States and return to their supposed home. Majority leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has accused Trump of wanting to divide the nation with his xenophobic comments.

Trump wrote Sunday that it was interesting to observe "as" progressive democrats ", originally from countries with absolutely catastrophic governments, the worst, the most corrupt and incapable in the world, loudly and maliciously declared to the people of the United States, the most big and the most powerful nation on Earth, how the government in the United States must work ".

Trump continued, "Because they don't come back and help repair the totally destroyed and crime-prone places they came from."

Upcoming European deputies with a migration background

The president of the United States has not given any name, but he has unequivocally referred to a small group of young Democratic deputies and candidates for the House of Representatives. These include Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley and Ilhan Omar. All four have a migration background.

However, everyone except Omar was born in the United States. Ocasio-Cortez was born in New York, Tlaib in Detroit and Pressley in Cincinnati. Omar was born in Mogadishu, Somalia. Her family fled the country during the civil war when she was a child. The four women were elected to the Congress in 2018.

However, the president laughed that their alleged countries of origin urgently needed the advice of these women, they could not break fast enough. The President of the Pelosi Chamber would certainly be happy to support the travel plans, then pushing Trump. The president of the United States referred to the power struggles of young parliamentarians with Pelosi.

"Must be removed from the office"

Ocasio-Cortez responded to Trump's comments with several tweets, describing him as an "angry president" who ruled with fear and could not accept that she and other parliamentarians were democratically elected. "Mr President, the country I come from and the country we all swear to is the United States, but given the way you destroyed our borders with inhuman fields, it's all to your advantage … you're absolutely right with the corruption at your feet ".

"This is how racism appears, we do not look like democracy, and we will not go anywhere but return to Washington to fight for the families that marginalize and slander every day," Deputy Pressley wrote in response to Trumps tweets.

Representative Omar also spoke on Twitter: how a democratically elected congressman fights with others to protect America from the "worst, most corrupt and incapable" president ever.

Rashida Tlaib asked for Trump's impeachment on Twitter. He wrote: "If you want a response to a lawless and complete failure of a president, it is the crisis, its dangerous ideology is the crisis, it must be removed from office."

Reaction: "Trump is a racist"

Trump's tug on Twitter has also caused outrage among other US politicians and organizations. US Senator Brian Schatz called Trump a racist. Similarly expressed the black organization for civil rights NAACP. Rashida Tlaib replied that Trump was lawless and a complete failure in his post. "It's the crisis, its dangerous ideology is the crisis," he wrote on Twitter. Trump must be removed from the office.

Nancy Pelosi described Trump's tweets as racist and divergent. "If Donald Trump says that four women members of Congress should return to their home countries, then he confirms that his plan to make America great has always been to whitewash America," he said. wrote the Democrat on Twitter. Diversity is the strength of America, unity is its strength, he added.

The Democrat Ruben Gallego wrote, as he was told after his childhood, that he should have returned to Mexico, even though he was born in the United States. It didn't matter how good he was at school or how he served the American marines.

"For people like Trump, I will never be enough American," Gallego wrote on Twitter. "Now you know why I don't give these racists a foot of space, nothing will ever satisfy them, all we can do is stop them."

Trump's verbal attack fell on the day the president announced large-scale raids on undocumented migrants in the United States.

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