There are 23 beaches with “golden quality” in the Coimbra Region – New in Coimbra

There are 23 beaches with “golden quality” in the Coimbra Region

Quercus distinction covers nine municipalities in the Region of Coimbra. Most bathing areas (13) are coastal.

Figueira da Foz has 9 distinguished beaches.

With the arrival of summer, some people start to think about the best place to spend a few days of vacation or even a day of rest. In the Region of Coimbra, the proposals are varied and range from coastal bathing areas to spaces served by the various rivers that run through the territory.

When choosing a place to lay out your towel, some people look at the list of beaches with the best environmental quality. In this matter, an international jury of the Blue Flag Association (ABAE) annually awards the Blue Flag award. A symbol that, this year, will be hasted in 28 locations in the Region of Coimbra. At the same time, the Quercus Environmentalist Association also makes its diagnosis and, in this matter, the title of “Golden Quality” in 2023 was awarded to 23 beaches, 13 of them coastal.

They are: Peneda Cascalheira and Piódão (Arganil), Ançã, Olhos de Fervença, Palheiros, Sete Fontes and Tocha (Cantanhede), Palheiros Zorro (Coimbra), Buarcos, Cabo Mondego, Costa de Lavos, Cova Gala, Figueira da Foz, Leirosa , Murtinheira, Quiaios and Tamargueira (Figueira da Foz), Peneda/Pego Escuro (Góis), Mira and Poço da Cruz (Mira), Santa Luzia (Pampilhosa da Serra) and Reconquinho and Vimieiro (Penacova).

Compared to last year, there are four less bathing areas with this title. The beaches of Côja (Arganil), Cabedelo Sul (Figueira da Foz), Bogueira and Senhor da Piedade (Lousã) and Janeiro de Baixo and Pessegueiro (Pampilhosa da Serra) have left the list of the environmental association.

It should be noted that the “Golden Quality Beach” award annually distinguishes the quality of bathing water on Portuguese beaches, based on available official public information, taking exclusively into account the analyzes carried out in the laboratories of the different Regional Hydrographic Administrations, explains the environmental association.

To receive the classification of a beach with “Golden Quality”, the bathing water must respect several criteria, such as an “excellent” water quality in the annual classification of the five bathing seasons prior to the last one and all analyzes carried out in the last bathing season ( 2022) should have shown better results in several bacterial indicators.

Nationally, 393 beaches were classified as having “Golden Quality”. The northern region recorded the biggest drop in the number of award-winning beaches. In a statement, Quercus reveals that, of the 393 awarded beaches, 327 are coastal, 56 inland and 10 transitional.

Click on the gallery and discover the beaches distinguished by Quercus.

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Arganil: Piódão Beach.

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