There are more than 3 perpetrators of the murders in Subang, the perpetrators have been revealed? This Forensic Expert Says

TRIBUNJATENG.COM – The shocking facts behind the murder of mother and daughter in Subang.

From the perpetrators of more than one person until the real case has been revealed.

The assassins planned it very carefully.

Kombes Pol Dr. Hastry Sumy Purwanti revealed the development of the murder case in Jakarta Subang, West Java.

All was revealed by Sumy in a video interview on Deny Darko’s youtube channel, Saturday (20/11/2021).

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Reported by, ahead of 100 days of the murder, Dr. Hastry believes this case will be revealed.

He conveyed this after carrying out autopsies on the bodies of the two victims, Tuti Suhartini (55) and Amalia Mustika Ratu (23) some time ago.

Police officers return to the scene of the seizure of the lives of mothers and children in Ciseuti Village, Jalancagak Village/District, Subang Regency, West Java, Wednesday (15/9/2021). (Tribun Jabar/Dwiki MV)

Not only sure, Dr. Hastry even has his own predictions.

He said this case had been revealed before 100 days from the discovery of the victim’s body.

To note, the bodies of the two victims were found on August 19, 2021.

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