Business There are now nine banks that offer credit cards...

There are now nine banks that offer credit cards with no membership cost


Since August 29, when it became mandatory, to date there are already nine banking entities, of the 16 that operate in the country, that offer credit cards that do not charge the annual membership commission to date, according to information of the respective web pages of the banks.

These are the following banking institutions:

BBVA offers the Visa Zero credit card.

Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP) has the Visa Light credit card.

Interbank has the Visa Access credit card.

Scotiabank offers the Visa credit card without membership.

Banco Pichincha offers the Carsa Mastercard credit card.

Banbif has the Banbif zero membership Visa credit card.

Banco Falabella has the CMR Visa Basic credit card.

Banco Ripley offers the Mastercard Basic credit card.

Banco Azteca has the credit card Tarjeta Azteca Visa / Mastercard.

As of August 29, the regulation of the Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP (SBS) that modifies the Regulation of Management of Market Conduct of the Financial System came into force.

The regulations establish the obligation for issuing companies to have at least one card that does not charge the annual membership commission, in order to provide greater alternatives to users in hiring credit cards.

Membership and commissions

The annual membership is a commission charged by banks for the service of managing the benefits that are provided according to the type of card, such as the administration of reward programs (points or miles).

Commissions are charges for additional and / or complementary services to the operations contracted with users, provided by financial institutions.

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