There are several changes in wages and pensions coming

There will be money coming in and going out. Know what it’s about.


There will be money coming in and going out. Know what it’s about.

In the next two months, wages and pensions will undergo some changes. The first, this March, concerns the annual contribution to the Câmara dos Salariados, a body that defends the rights of workers and pensioners.

At stake is an amount of 35 euros that will come out of all salaries equal to or greater than 300 euros gross per month. For the rest, the contribution is 10 euros, while people in vocational training pay four.

Energy tax credit replaced by ‘index’

As of April, the energy tax credit (crédit d’impôt énergie (CIE) in French) created by the Government to compensate for the postponement of last July’s salary indexation installment will leave the scene.

Over nine months, workers and pensioners, with salaries and pensions of less than 100,000 euros per year, received monthly compensation of 76 to 84 euros, depending on their income. As announced at the time, the measure served to replace the postponed ‘index’.

Now, as this tranche will be paid in April, the CIE will no longer fall into the bank account of workers, retirees, beneficiaries of the social inclusion income (REVIS) and income for people with severe disabilities (RPGH). The compensatory measure will then be replaced by wage indexation.

Article: Diana Alves | Foto: Getty Images/iStockphoto

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