"There are some who are kicking the cables": Vianney tells the backstage of the NRJ Music Awards


On RTL on Saturday, the singer and musician unveiled the reverse of the last edition of the ceremony broadcast last weekend on TF1.

"Music on TV has always been a little complicated, but here, today, it's over We repeat the TV this Saturday on RTL, Vianney has been particularly critical in television entertainment programs. "My first televisions, I could ask to play live.Today it's very complicated because they can not afford it," he added before pointing the finger at the NRJ Music Awards, whose latest edition, which he attended, was broadcast last Saturday on TF1. "It's nice, but you do not play, everything is wrong."

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"You do not play, everything is wrong"

Vianney on RTL Saturday, November 17, 2018

He complained about these performances performed on groups of orchestras. "People really sing, but behind it's just fake music … It's very frustrating, and it's a shame, music can never be magical with a reproduction orchestra," he said before regretting. "The NRJ Music Awards, I know it does not really interest me that I'm right with my guitar, I struggled at the beginning but I did not make it.

In the rest of the interview, the interpreter Not there revealed behind the scenes of the last ceremony hosted by Nikos Aliagas last week. "In the boxes, there are some who were pulling cables," Vianney told us, without mentioning any particular artist. There are always some who complain because they do not go early enough. The order of passage is very important and there are some who fight for this, but serious! "



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