There are still a few days left, let’s witness the Parallel Planet Phenomenon that only happens every 19 years

1TULAH.COMThe rare phenomenon of parallel planets in the Milky Way galaxy cluster, it can still be seen until June 30, 2022. Eitss…of course using special binoculars/telescopes.

This rare phenomenon only occurs every 19 years. So it’s not surprising that the planet’s configuration, which always moves in the month of June, has become a hot topic of conversation on social media. This parallel planet phenomenon is a rare phenomenon, where this event last occurred in 2004. So how long are the planets aligned?

Since the beginning of June 2022, the public can witness the phenomenon of parallel planets. The planets Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are in an inline configuration. The question arises, the phenomenon of parallel planets until when?

Researcher from the Center for Space Research, the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Andi Pangerang said, the configuration or parade of this celestial phenomenon can be enjoyed starting on June 4, 2022 in the morning. How long will the planets align? This rare event will continue until the end of June 2022 in several configurations.

The first configuration will occur on June 4-5, 2022, consisting of the alignment of the planets Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Next, the second configuration will be on June 16 – 27, 2022, with the planets Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon.

Then, ending with a configuration with the same arrangement as the first, on June 28-30, 2022, namely Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

Planets Align Until When?

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This means that tomorrow, Tuesday to Thursday, June 30, 2022, Indonesian people can still see the parallel planetary phenomenon. The public can see this rare event for 50 minutes according to the time of dawn in each region.

Andi said, parallel planets start at the beginning of astronomical dawn with the Sun’s height at -18° or 75 minutes before sunrise (around 04.30 local time).

Until the sunrise, when the sun’s height is -6° or 25 minutes before sunrise (around 05.30 local time).

From June 4 to 30, 2022, Mercury will have an attractiveness that varies from +2.06 to -0.61. This shows that Mercury will get brighter until the end of June.

As for the planet Venus, it will vary between -3.94 to -3.89, so it will look a little dim at the end of June.

Then, the planet Uranus will vary between +5.89 to +5.87, which means Uranus is a little brighter at the end of June. Similar to the planets Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn which have variations, between +0.57 to +0.47, -2.25 to -2.41, and +0.68 to +0.56.

All of these planetary phenomena can be seen directly without using a telescope. However, the planet Uranus cannot be seen directly. This is because the brightness level is greater, reaching +4.7 from the maximum visual magnitude limit in urban areas. So you have to use a small telescope with a diameter of 10-25 cm in order to see the planet Uranus.

This phenomenon can be witnessed as long as the weather in the area is bright enough, free from light pollution and also the field of view is free from obstructions.

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In fact, in areas where light pollution is almost non-existent (sky conditions are completely clear of obstructions), the planet Uranus can be seen without using a telescope because the brightness level is lower than +6.5.

That was the review about parallel planets until when? So for those of you who are curious about this rare phenomenon that only happens for a few moments, you can still watch it until the end of June. (Quoted from

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