There are these nine publications in the CAC 40, but everything will be played this Friday at 2.30 pm, morning meeting


Stop or still? With markets returning to all-time highs in the United States and nearly a year at the CAC 40, one has the right to wonder if the next move on the stock market will be a continuation of the increase or consolidation. Nothing to expect from the monetary policy side. As for trade talks, the meetings will continue, and Donald Trump said his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping could come in person to the White House in May or June according to New York Times. For a ceremony of signing an agreement between the two countries? For the moment nothing else but good intentions or simple words.

The economy and the companies remain, in full period of publication of the quarterly accounts. In the foreground, the appointment scheduled today at 2.30pm will be a real test. This is the first estimate of the evolution of the gross domestic product of the first quarter in the United States. The Bloomberg consensus is approaching the same level as the fourth quarter of 2018, but attention is paid to the component relating to personal consumption, which could have fallen from 1% to 2.5%.

Secondary companies, Wall Street alternates between good and bad surprises. Yesterday, 3 million lost 12.9%, the strongest correction in 30 years, while Microsoft and Facebook passed the test. After closing, Amazon exceeded expectations in terms of turnover, but the stock has hardly changed into avant-Bourse. This is not the case with Intel, which has reduced its forecasts and decreased by 7%.

Half an hour from the opening, the contract future Cac 40 wins 12 points, a symbolic increase expected in the first exchanges.

Many confirmations of the objectives

Still (very) many publications to be noted also in Paris and in the CAC 40. Capgemini confirmed the 2019 targets, whose revenues benefited, in the first quarter, from the increase in digital and cloud activities (+ 20%, equal to 45% of the group's total). At the end of March, SSII revenues grew 9.2% and 6.7% at constant exchange rates.

Confirm also on the side of Saint-Gobain, which points to a growth in comparable operating income this year after the first three months of good price and volume trends. But also Valeo, despite a quarterly turnover down 0.8%. The automotive supplier continues to rely on an operating margin (excluding the share of the companies' results accounted for using the equity method) between 5.8% and 6.5% of sales, with an increase in the operating surplus gross value and an improvement in cash generation.

Air Liquide also confirms, continuing to forecast an increase in its net income this year, after an increase of almost 9% in sales in the first quarter.

total confirmed its production targets for 2019, after a 9% increase in a first quarter marked by the decline in oil and gas prices and which saw the adjusted net profit of the sharp drop of 4% due to the Increase in the cost of debt.

Safran "forward" on his predictions

saffron Self-esteem in advance "As for the forecasts for 2019, after a sustained increase in activity in the first quarter (+ 12.6% organic), it could adapt its production plan to the changing situation of the Boeing 737 MAX.

Taken by its subsidiary Genzyme, Sanofi maintains its objective of increasing its net income per share from 3% to 5% at constant exchange rates in 2019, barring any major unforeseen events. Profit rose above expectations at the end of March (+ 10.5% to 1.76 billion euros).

Renault announced a decline in sales volumes (-5.6%) and value in the first quarter due to the loss of the Iranian outlet, the diesel crisis and currency effects. The group is lowering its forecasts for the global market.

TechnipFMC published lower results for the first three months of the year, but order intake almost doubled to over $ 6 billion.

Outside Cac 40, ADP Group raised traffic forecasts for Paris Aéroport, after an increase of 11.9% of its turnover in the first quarter.

Attention, finally, a casino, which has seen its sales increase by over 7% in Brazil, but remains stable in France. Yesterday, Carrefour had benefited from a more favorable trend in France.


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