There are two babies infected with coronavirus and no 3: Ssa

On Tuesday night, the Ministry of Health corrected, in its nightly press conference, that currently in the country there are two cases of babies infected by coronavirus and not three, as had been reported days ago.

At the express question of the media, the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López Gatell, along with other Health authorities, stated that the State corrected the minor who had allegedly been infected.

“As the number of cases and the amount of work for the entire network increases, there are often mistakes where the State also has the capacity to identify and correct it.

“It is a correction that is made from the State itself. Therefore we no longer have that minor by direct correction. There are only two babies, “said the agency.

A couple of days ago, it had been reported that in the country there were three cases of babies under one year of age infected with 2019 coronavirus.

“This is a child under one year old, it is a positive case. At this moment it is registered in the table of confirmed cases,” said the director of Epidemiological Operational Research of the Ministry of Health, Ana Lucía de la Garza Barroso.



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