“There have already been three deaths here”: Iwona, the cyclist who died in a collision with a car in Forest, will be buried in Poland

Bouquets of flowers at the foot of a wooden post are reminiscent of the tragic accident that claimed the life of 30-year-old cyclist Iwona. The residents are moved and ask the authorities for measures to avoid these accidents.

A few meters after the Berkendael stop, avenue Albert in Forest, flowers and candles were placed at the foot of a small wooden post. A black and white photo is also pinned. Yesterday at noon, people were bringing flowers and coming to meditate at the place where, last Saturday, a young 30-year-old cyclist was killed in hospital following a collision with a car.

Iwona, from Poland, had finished her job earlier that day and decided to visit her brother and sister-in-law. “She liked to ride a bike, confides Karol, a friend. His bike had already been stolen five times. However, she was not discouraged and bought a new bicycle each time “. Installed for four years in Brussels, she lived in Forest, on the corner of avenue Albert and was a saleswoman in a food store in Anderlecht. She had put down her suitcases in the Belgian capital in order to be closer to her brother. He has set up a small memorial at the edge of the avenue in memory of his little sister. Iwona’s body will be repatriated this Wednesday to Poland where all their family is installed. The funeral will take place there. The victim’s family wants to alert people to the dangerous pedestrian crossing on the avenue “so that it does not happen again”.

“I saw the accident, tell

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