There have been some problems with the introduction of passport checks: residents have bought up before the restrictions

Monday at the mall Acropolis started quite calmly – how much more customer and employee traffic was there 10 hours ago. Most access to the mall is fairly smooth, but individuals were not allowed in by security guards.

One potentially intoxicated Russian-speaking person assured that he had a passport of opportunity, but was unable to show it on the phone to either security guards or the media.

“I wanted to buy bread. So what do I have now, to live without bread? My mother is very weak. (…) I have a passport, somewhere on the phone, but I can’t find it in any way. And now they don’t let old people in because of the bread, “the man complained.

When asked why the bread goes to the Acropolis and not to another store, he estimated that he was closer to him here.

“I can come here, I want to buy bread. For children with small milk. But don’t let go. When will this virus end? Do you understand? ”The man wondered, emphasizing that he assessed the new order badly.

One girl came to the supermarket with a friend – one of them went smoothly, but the other phone screen – broken, only a small part of the screen works, it does not display the full passport, the scan does not go out. The girl’s security guards didn’t let him in.

“I do not know what to do here. If that had happened yesterday, I would have managed to get it right, because I actually have that passport of opportunity. Let’s say my mom has a PIN code generator, I don’t have one – I could use it, log in. But now I need to get to Swedbank. I could redo the Smart ID on my friend’s phone – but then need to delete her account, it’s nonsense, “the unauthorized girl complained.

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Eventually a solution was found – the girl’s authorized friend managed to print a paper passport for the options at the pharmacy, and both got into the mall.

Another Russian-speaking man who was not admitted to the Acropolis complained that he was a foreigner, his document was Russian – it did not fit here.

“I don’t have two separate passports to do now, one here, the other there,” the man shook his head.

But most people go smoothly. The mother of two children assured that she saw no problem getting vaccinated and walking where she wanted.

“The health system feels safer – if I get vaccinated, I won’t go to the hospital because I can still get infected. As the saying goes, afraid of the wolf, do not go to the forest. But we let the children into kindergarten, and there the same – 20 children without masks, and we do not even let the parents into the locker rooms. The child lives in the same family, but the parents can’t go – there are strange things. But if that’s safer for them, that’s fine. I was vaccinated, I have no problem – I would not be vaccinated, maybe I would think differently, ”the woman said.

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Merchants felt an influx of shoppers over the weekend

Traders ’representatives confirm that the weekend was unusually plentiful for shoppers.

Pharmacy Network Eurovaistinė communication manager Laura Bielskė compares that the weekend was more active than usual, while Monday was calmer.

“After an active weekend, after many customers who have visited all the supermarkets, today we see that it is a little calmer. There are pharmacists who say that it was Christmas yesterday – everyone really wanted to buy a lot of things, so that if there was no need, they would just not have to go to the pharmacy, and we feel it. Today, those who want to buy medicines are coming, ”says L. Bielskė.

She points out that access to pharmacies in supermarkets is only possible with a passport – checks are carried out by supermarket staff and not by individual shops.

“So far, there don’t seem to be any disruptions, pharmacists from all over the city share that everything really works, people show their passport of opportunity very benevolently, there were no cases of not having a passport and going to the supermarket. So far, everything is going smoothly for us, ”says L. Bielskė.

Laura Bielskė

Laura Bielskė

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She stressed that there are about 200 “Eurovisticals” that can be accessed without a passport, so customers will not be short of access to medicines. Masks are mandatory in these pharmacies, distances and hygiene recommendations must be followed.

“Due to the high flow of customers over the weekend, there may be a little fewer customers this week – a lot of people have managed to make sure they have what they need. It is really possible that the number of customers will decrease, “L. Bielskė said.

She emphasized that pharmacists alone had printed tens of thousands of opportunity passports throughout Lithuania: In pharmacies, we feel that a lot of people have taken out the passport of opportunities, ”says L. Bielskė.

She confirmed that in the pharmacy it is possible to remove the opportunity passport for a friend or other person – a free-form application and that person’s document are required.

There have been some problems with the introduction of passport checks: residents have bought up before the restrictions

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Rimi: There were a lot of customers on Saturday and Sunday

Gabrielė Šerėnienė, Public Relations Manager of Rimi Lietuva, confirms that customers have become more active before Monday.

“We actually saw such a trend, on Friday we saw that our buyers were in a hurry to prepare for next week and Saturday was really intense. Well, on Sunday, we really saw very big sales – people, you can see, were prepared in advance for this week, ”G. Šerėnienė claimed.

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With the entry into force of the new Governments requirements applicable to shops, Rimi Lithuania opportunity passport or equivalent documents are checked in 43 out of 73 stores.

In two large Rimi stores even test an automatic scanner that visitors can use themselves.

“We really invite all our customers to prepare for coming to the stores – to download opportunity passports and other possible documents, to submit. As you can see, some stores have fences and special lanes waiting to make it easier to manage the resulting flows. Well, our security guard is waiting in the lobby of the store, who will check the QR codes of the opportunity passport with a scanner – they will scan them and check other issued documents visually, whether they meet all the requirements, ”G. Šerėnienė told reporters.

There have been some problems with the introduction of passport checks: residents have bought up before the restrictions

Security staff, according to Rimi representatives, can also request an identity document if there is any suspicion that the opportunity passport belongs to the owner.

“We started recently, it really wasn’t a problem. Yes, some were dissatisfied customers, but most of them – in a positive mood, even praise that we are doing great, ”said Gintaras Alekna, the head of network security.

Although no longer mandatory, most visitors are wearing masks

With the advent of passport verification, the wearing of masks becomes no longer mandatory but recommended. But on Monday morning, almost all the masks of supermarket visitors were still wearing.

“I really want to thank our visitors for the fact that the absolute majority of them behave responsibly, follow the recommendations and requirements. Wearing masks inside the shopping center is a strict recommendation, ”says Dominykas Mertinas, Head of the Communication Department of Akropolis Group.

He assures that the supermarket has provided additional security staff to check passports and technical equipment.

There have been some problems with the introduction of passport checks: residents have bought up before the restrictions

© DELFI / Josvydas Elinskas

“We will check at the entrance of the supermarket so that in the future, when the visitor is in the supermarket, there is no need to check again at each store that he would like to visit. Hopefully no queues will form. To prevent them from occurring, please go through the entrance after preparing the document for verification. The most expeditious check is for those documents that have QR codes – that is, the opportunity passport or the EU COVID-19 certificate, ”says D. Mertin.

Supermarket workers are also “safe” – if they are not immune to the disease due to vaccination or illness, they must be tested regularly every 7-10 days.

Additional security guards in Kaunas “Akropolis”

At the Kaunas shopping and entertainment center Akropolis, the security staff has started to check the Passport of Opportunities for major problems so far.

According to Brigita Kuodytė, the manager of Akropolis, 10 additional security guards were used. Children and teenagers under the age of 16 are free to enter the supermarket, it is not obligatory to show them g Opportunities passports.

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“So far, there are enough security guards, more people will be used as needed,” B. Kuodytė told the Delfi portal.

Opportunity passports at Akropolis are not only checked by security guards, but also by a new technology solution – a stationary scanner. A small video camera built into it scans the QR code of the passport and shows on the screen whether it is valid or not. This device should facilitate the work of security guards in the event of a significant increase in visitor traffic.

Although digital documents of all incoming people were scanned in the first half of the day, it is likely that this will be abandoned during peak hours.

The manager of the Acropolis mentioned that he would be asked to visually show the Opportunity Passport or an equivalent document, and the QR codes would be scanned randomly.

“If it is suspected that the person did not come with his passport, he will be asked to present an identity document. The same requirements remain: observance of distances, hygiene rules, etc. We strongly recommend wearing protective face masks inside the shopping center, because the safety of employees and visitors is our priority, ”said B. Kuodytė, the manager of Akropolis.

The representative of the company managing the Acropolis said that he did not know yet what effect the restrictions would have on the business results, how they would affect the flow of visitors. According to her, the flow of visitors will decrease somewhat, and the general trends will be available at the end of the week.

The interviewed security guards noticed that the vast majority of Kaunas Akropolis visitors are aware of the new changes and are ready for their opportunity passports.

While many visitors provide security guards with a QR code or PDF document saved on their smartphones, there are also a number of paper documents.

According to security guards, not all documents can be scanned at once, but there is no resentment among visitors.

Most of the uncertainties arise in communication with citizens of other countries studying and living in Kaunas, checking the Opportunity Passports revealed that there are people who have been vaccinated with unrecognized, mostly Chinese, vaccines in the European Union. Others present vaccination documents issued in their own countries, which cannot be authenticated.

In such a situation, one is treated quite liberally – a document issued abroad is equated with an Opportunity Passport and a visitor holding it is admitted.

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