There is a chance that Zelensky has backed himself into a corner: the fight over Crimea could end in carnage

Vladimir Putin hoped that ten days would be enough to occupy Ukraine. However, the war has been going on for nine months now, and Russia is having a hard time keeping even the stretch of Ukrainian lands that it managed to reclaim. The initiative is now on the side of Ukraine: this can be said after two counterattacks – at Kharkiv in the northeast and at Kherson in the south – were carried out with minimal losses and maximum triumph.

These victories encourage the desire to predict even more humiliating defeats for Russia in the Donbass and Crimea, regions of Ukraine seized by Putin in 2014. November 24 in the printed interview President of Ukraine Volodymyras Zelenskis once again reiterated his goal of recapturing the entire territory of the country. This attitude is in line with public opinion, but not necessarily with the mindset of supporters in the West. In the West, there are fears that an attempt to retake Crimea or Donbass (probably an easier task from a military point of view) could push Russia to an escalation of the conflict, perhaps even prompting it to cross the line beyond which – nuclear weapon.

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