There is a motor vehicle tax whitening in West Java, these are the benefits, complete with schedules and conditions

PRFMNEWS – Regional Revenue Agency (Bapenda) West Java (West Java) re-launch the program bleaching tax motor vehicle.

Through the program bleaching tax motor vehicle From this, residents can get several advantages.

The benefits that residents get in the program bleaching tax motor vehicle from the Provincial Government West Java these are as follows:

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Free of Fines Tax Motor vehicle
Exemption of Fines Tax Motorized Vehicles are given to all people of West Java who are late in making the Payment Process;

Duty Free Name II
Exemption of the 2nd Motor Vehicle Transfer of Name Duty (BBNKB II) can be used by people who carry out the transfer of the name of the motorized vehicle for the second delivery and so on in the West Java Province;

Free 5th Year PKB Arrears
The 5th year PKB Arrears Exemption is given to the Mandatory Tax who have tax arrears for more than 5 years.

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Discount Tax Motor vehicle
Partial Deduction of Principal Tax Motorized Vehicles, with the following payment terms:

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