There is a new member in the joint-stock company that manages Wolves

The joint-stock company Basketball Holding Company (BHC), which manages the Wolves basketball club, announces changes in its board. The head of AB AviaAM Leasing Service Center joins her Tad Gober.

“I am happy to contribute to the company that manages the new Lithuanian basketball club in the world. I am impressed by the club’s goals and great ambitions, so I agreed to join without much hesitation,” said the new board member T. Goberis.

The board of BHC consists of five members. Along with the new member, Rimantas Kaukėnas, Andrius Žiauberis, Tomas Inčikas and Rytis Davidovičius continue to work there.

R. Kaukėnas, the club president, oversees the field of team recruitment and the relationship with business, A. Žiauberis, the club manager, takes care of the club’s management, finances, communication and marketing, T. Inčikas, the club’s sports director, administers the sporting activities of the “Wolves” team and concentrates to the achievement of sports results, R. Davidovičius, the club’s investment manager, concentrates on attracting new investors.

Having accumulated vast international sales experience, T. Goberis will be responsible for the development of the club’s business products.

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