There is also a high risk of contracting and transmitting the delta variant with vaccination!

Covid-19 vaccines protect against severe forms of the disease, but are not effective in preventing infection and transmission because the delta variant is the majority. An English-language study looked at pollution and the dynamics of indoor pollution, where the coronavirus is easily transmitted.

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The delta variant or variant B.1.617.2, previously called the Indian variant, is of concern to health authorities. What is it different from? Do we have to worry?

It’s home, where the barrier gestures and masks fall, the SARS-CoV-2 It spreads easily. Vaccination An effective fortress to reduce the risk of contamination, but far from infallible, especially against a delta variant. English language studyexecuted inImperial College From London, he concludes that the full vaccination schedule in the context of local transmission offers a very partial – but still greater protection than in the absence of vaccination – against the delta variant.

« Our results show that vaccination alone is not sufficient to prevent people from contracting the delta variant and its spread outside the home. Perhaps this is the case for other confined spaces where people stay around for long periods of time. This will happen more and more as we approach winter “,” legit Ajit Lalvani. uit, professor at National Heart and Lung Institute to meImperial College London, who co-conducted this study.

Transmission is still possible despite vaccination

Between September 2020 and September 2021, scientists tracked 621 participants identified by: tracing contact Based in the United Kingdom. The participants in this study, who are generally young and in good health, reported mild or asymptomatic forms of the disease. COVID-19. Among them, 163 tested positive for SARS-CoV-2: 71 by the Delta variant, 42 by the Alpha variant and 50 by the original variant. Of the 71 patients delta variable, 23 were unvaccinated, 10 were partially vaccinated and 54 were fully vaccinated. These are 71 people index case, that is, it is considered the starting point of the pollution chain. Scientists regularly monitored and tested people who had contact with sick cases at home; These are the contact statuses. In total, there were 71 cases of the virus in 205 contact cases, 53 of which were infected with the coronavirus.

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Of the 205 contact cases, 126 had a full vaccination schedule, 39 were partially vaccinated and 40 were unvaccinated. The scientists then expressed the vaccination status of contact cases that tested positive for the delta variant: 25% of them were fully vaccinated and 38% were unvaccinated. Although vaccination reduces the risk of developing a delta variant, the chance of infection remains considerable. Using this data, scientists fromImperial College So much from London Vaccines 34% effective in preventing delta variant infection.

peak viral cycle

In addition to monitoring pollution In the homes, the scientists also monitored the viral load in 133 patients, vaccinated or unvaccinated. Every day, the amount of coronavirus in their bodies was estimated by PCR. The scientists found that the viral peak, the time when the number of viruses is highest, is the same in the vaccinated as in the unvaccinated. British scientists think that such a very intense peak can easily transmit the delta variant, even in vaccinated people. In contrast, the viral load decreases faster in vaccinated people.

The work of scientists fromImperial College From London confirms an important fact: vaccination only, especially against the delta variant and in the beginning season Cold is not enough to stop the transmission of SARS-CoV-2. Confined space broadcasts, social distancing, masks or hand washing are all reactions that break the transmission chains. In addition, vaccines remain terribly effective at performing their primary function: Prevention of severe forms and recovery.

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