There is Bad News for Gold in Pawnshops, Dare to Read Mother?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The benchmark gold price at Pegadaian was stagnant on Monday (27/9), although there is a risk of a price decline this week. Because the world’s gold is predicted to weaken.

Launching data from the official Pegadaian website, the reference gold selling price was at Rp. 862,000/gram, stagnant or exactly the same as last Sunday’s price. The reference purchase price was also stagnant at Rp 836,000/gram.

Meanwhile, for gold bars, Pegadaian sells 3 types of Antam gold and UBS gold in various sizes and units. The following is a complete list of gold bullion prices at Pegadaian.

Unit Antam Price Antam Retro Price Price of Antam Batik UBS price
0.5 Rp0 Rp482.000 Rp602.000 Rp486.000
1.0 Rp0 Rp902.000 Rp1.111.000 Rp912.000
1.06 Rp0 Rp0 Rp0 Rp0
2.0 Rp1.847.000 Rp1.787.000 Rp0 Rp1.808.000
2.5 Rp0 Rp0 Rp0 Rp0
2.13 Rp0 Rp0 Rp0 Rp0
3.0 Rp2,742,000 Rp2,654,000 Rp0 Rp0
4.0 Rp0 Rp0 Rp0 Rp0
4.25 Rp0 Rp0 Rp0 Rp0
5.0 Rp4.536.000 Rp4.411.000 Rp0 Rp4.466.000
8.0 Rp0 Rp0 Rp8.379.000 Rp0
10.0 Rp9.013.000 Rp8.765.000 Rp0 Rp8.885.000
20.0 Rp0 Rp0 Rp0 Rp0
25.0 Rp22.401,000 Rp21.789.000 Rp0 Rp22.168.000
50.0 Rp44.719.000 Rp43.498,000 Rp0 Rp44.244.000
100.0 Rp89.357.0000 Rp86.919.000 Rp0 Rp88.452.000
250.0 Rp223.116.000 Rp0 Rp0 Rp221.064.000
500.0 Rp446.013.000 Rp0 Rp0 Rp441.606.000
1000.0 Rp891.982.000 Rp0 Rp0 Rp882.259.000

World gold is one of the main factors that determine the price of gold at Pegadaian. There are also other factors, namely the rupiah exchange rate and supply-demand. These other factors make the price of gold in the pawnshop increase/decrease larger/smaller than the world’s gold, sometimes even in the opposite direction.

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The weekly survey conducted by Kitco shows that world gold prices are predicted to fall this week. Of the 28 analysts on Wall Street, 11 gave their projections bearish (downtrend), 4 people bullish (uptrend) and the rest are neutral.

Strong sentiment bearish occurred after the announcement of the US central bank’s (The Fed) monetary policy last week, which indicated tapering in the near future and interest rates will be raised next year, faster than the previous projection in 2023.

The announcement made yield US (Treasury) bonds are up and the US dollar is strong, gold is under pressure.

“Movement yield The 10-year Treasury shows a changing trend in the market. This will put gold under pressure,” said Adam Button, head of strategy at, as reported by Kitco.


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