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Was there another winner? Because the 2: 0 victory of his eleven in Gladbach was meaningless, gave Lucien Favre Information about how he arranged the whole season. Favre tried to point out the laudable fact that BVB was in the championship until the beginning of the second half of the last matchday. In fact, nobody had succeeded in doing so for a long time. Still, he seemed tormented because everyone in the room knew that a great opportunity had been missed. Favre could have won his first trophy in Germany.

His counterpart Dieter Hecking did not beam straight either. Although Mönchengladbach qualified for the first time in three years for the European Cup. But that does not save him from dismissal and does not erase the disappointment caused by the season. A few months ago, the duel between the two Borussia teams could have resulted in a final for the championship. But both could not keep the level of the first round. And so sat there two kinky coaches, while behind their backs on a TV screen, the party pictures from Munich were running.

The Dortmund victory in Gladbach showed once again two things: BVB is a good team, thanks to its offensive can beat many opponents. And he could have become champion this year. A top team is the BVB still not, but the performance against Gladbach was too shaky for a long time.

Haemer cheers for every Bayern goal

Already in the first half the Dortmund submerged once again the expectations. Favre's elf was overcautious in the field, often falling deeply into his own half. Gladbach, who had lost most of his home games recently, was much more active. Dortmund on the other hand, it did not look like a team that could still be champions, especially when the Gladbach fans cheered the leaders of Munich wildly and sincerely – and that after every Bayern goal.

Dortmund needed a little luck to avoid the backlog and take the lead. The first good chance turned Jadon Sancho just before half time. Maybe the ball was even out before. The images could not prove whether he crossed the line with full diameter. The assistant and the video screen decided No, referee Manuel Gräfe did not overrule her.

The second half was different. Gladbach sank into lethargy, and BVB now showed what he can do with it. Especially the goal to 0: 2 recalled that. Mario Götze took care of Jadon Sancho, the Christian Pulisic, the Marco Reus goal. That went way too fast for the Gladbach defense line. It was one of those wonderful, beautiful Dortmund gates.

Dortmund once again won in a manner so typical of the team. Not the play area made the difference. But the fact that BVB took advantage of the moments. The Dortmund can beat many German teams thanks to their many talents in attack without having to play very well.

Already in the successful first round BVB won in a similar way. The team won often just by luck. Think of the 4: 3 against Augsburg, the 2: 1 in Mainz, even the 3: 2 against Bayern. In the second half of the season the team had some bad luck here and there and a few injuries made the title fight even more difficult. But that is not the sole explanation. Dortmund scored 42 points in the first half of the season, but only 34 in the second, with 26 goals conceded. 8 points less, that's the difference between being masterful and okay.

What was different in the second half?

In the second half, the belief in their own strength was lost, not completely, but gradually. Belief was already at Klopp times the most important pound of this club, even then lived the BVB not of its precision mechanics, but of his passion. The low point this year was the lax appearance in Munich in April, when Dortmund was sent home with five hits.

Had the team been infected by nature Lucien Favres, who sometimes looks into the cameras like a fawn that appears in the spotlight? And who prematurely abandoned the title race, whereupon he was corrected by his superiors? Favre was already known as a procrastinator before moving to Dortmund.

A problem was also his strategic achievement. With surprising constellations Favre was often wrong. In the first leg against Bayern in November, Julian Weigl and Mario Götze appeared suddenly in the starting eleven, which had played no major role or no role at the time. Dortmund was only then equivalent, as he replaced both. At the end there was a 3-2 victory that covered the strange experiment.



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