There is no salvation: a terrible infection awakened in Ukraine :: Ukraine News


Above the inhabitants of the Ukraine is a serious threat. In the north-east
the countries found a rare and extremely dangerous infection: tularemia. reported
Sumy Regional Laboratory Center.

The Tularemia bacillus affects the lymphatic system, the skin and
spleen of animals and humans. At the same time it is very tenacious.

"In wheat, straw at temperatures below 0 ° C bacteria
they remain viable up to 6 months, and at a temperature of +20 -30 ° C – up to 20 days. In frozen
The pathogen can persist in meat for up to 3 months, persists for a long time
in cold milk, cream ", – told in SES.


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Infection carriers are rodents: mice, muskrats, hares
and others The infection spreads rapidly in the environment in contact with the fur
and excrements. You can become infected, even when using an infected person.

In humans, the disease manifests itself with a large increase.
temperatures up to 40 ° C, pain in the muscles and head, bleeding from the nose and bloody ulcers in the mouth. Care, and even better advise
the disease is possible. However, drugs and vaccines are specific, in Ukraine they are not
to produce. Previously, Square bought them in Russia, but after refusing to provide
the drugs of the Russian Federation have faced a big problem: the infection has intensified.

"The Tularemia vaccine is not available today
on the territory of the Ukraine ", – recognized in Sumy SES.

All that Ukrainian specialists can do now is to fight
with rodents.

Previously, experts from the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) called the Ukraine
the leader in 2018 for the incidence of measles.



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