The second wave of coronavirus already lurks throughout the territory. Infections are multiplying and more and more people need health care. However, the Health System is on the verge of collapse. After having played the guy in the front line during the first wave, and without respite in between, many professionals feel saturated and without the strength to face what is coming. There is no need to reinforce the staff and they demand that breaks be respected.

“There is no vocation that can put up with it”, as summarized by the emergency doctor at the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital, César Carballo, who denounced on Twitter the situation of thousands of health professionals who work for 24 hours on duty without sleeping. With his spirits reduced after finishing an intense shift in the emergency room, Carballo showed how hard it is to work without rest. “Yesterday we looked at each other at 3 am after almost 24 hours awake, exhausted and exhausted, on the verge of giving up“, he wrote in the publication.

The doctor considers that situations like this go beyond the limits of the health vocation: “This is not a service where you can live, grow and grow old”, criticized. And he also regretted that the hours of guards “do not count towards retirement.” “We will work according to guards made, between 5-7 years more than the others,” he insisted.

“Nobody is going to recognize you”

In this sense and as a complaint, Carballo put on the table the issue of the emigration of professionals in the medical sector. “This is how this country treats its doctors, it is not surprising that more and more emigrate,” he concluded. And there have been few who have dedicated messages of encouragement and joined the criticism of the health. “It’s disgusting, there is no other way to say it,” replied a user on Twitter, to which Carballo added his reflection: “When this happens, the country is sick, and not because of COVID, it has been sick for a long time, but now we have seen it”, he regretted.

However, the Mosquera family doctor joined the Twitter conversation to hold the emergency services responsible for allowing working conditions. “Why do you allow those abusive hours and shifts as usual?”, and continued with a fiercer warning: “Once you lose your health it will be too late, nobody is going to recognize it“.

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