“There is none coviddi”, the report of Tg1 which is causing discussion

The service aired at the Tg1 a few days ago from Pag, in Croatia. The correspondent found himself immersed in one of the many discos on the Croatian island, visited every year by thousands of Italians, especially the very young. It is one of the traditional locations for post-high school travel of the boys of northern Italy thanks to the low prices and the beauty of its sea. Even this year, despite Covid, the boys have not given up on leaving and Pag has been confirmed as a very popular destination. Without distancing, without masks and without any precautions to avoid contagion, the very young flocked to the beaches transformed into discos and into the island’s clubs. If young people are allowed to leave and have fun and think they can rely on their common sense, especially during alcoholic and euphoric summer evenings, the problem is not with the kids but with those who allow it.

Young people are not afraid and they demonstrated it on the microphones of Tg1 at 8 pm, in front of an astonished person sent. “Even if they swab me and then I’m positive, I’m twenty, not me kill certainly the Coronavirus“, a boy shouts over the music. In a nutshell he enclosed the thought of the Italians who, authorized, had fun for an entire summer. After months of lockdown, prohibitions and loneliness it was unthinkable that the very young of their unconsciousness little more than adolescent, they used common sense to dance apart. On the other hand, for them who live on social media and catchphrases, this year the motto is only one: “There is not coviddi, there is not“. They shout it with a smile to the news correspondent of the first channel of Rai Uno, they write it in chat and share this viral mantra on social networks.

Covid is gone“, they repeat while dancing and drinking, in response to the journalist of Tg1 who asks them if they realize what they are saying. Covid is there or, rather, Covid is back. For long weeks the country recorded numbers of infections downhill and seemed to see the end of a nightmare but then something went wrong, again this time. From the sea the great flows of migrants began, many of them infected. The young people rightly followed up the provisions, the discos opened, and they had fun and now there are over 600 infections in 24 hours, all within a month of the reopening of schools, although fortunately the intensive care admissions are currently under control and most of the infected are asymptomatic and in home isolation. regions have decided to place restrictions on tourists returning from Croatia, Greece, Malta and Spain, the countries that in recent weeks are recording the highest number of increases in the Mediterranean Mediterranean and which, coincidentally, are also the favorite countries of young Italians for their holidays. All of them have the buffer of control and some administrations the obligation of fiduciary quarantine has been imposed.

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