“There is not much time left to be together”…Lee Ji-hye’s eldest daughter’s shocking test result

Lee Ji-hye, who was a member of the group shop, posted a video on her YouTube channel and revealed the current situation of her eldest daughter, becoming a hot topic.

December 8, 2022 Jihye Lee Youtube Channel ‘Unhateful Kwanjong Unni’A video titled “I came to Tae-Ri Jok psychological counseling!” was uploaded.

I thought you were a sensitive child

Lee Ji-hye said, “I thought many people would be curious about Tae-ri’s current situation, so I turned on the camera. Tae-ri and I wanted to raise my husband well, so we thought a lot and quarreled. Everyone goes through such a process, but we came very close. I don’t think Tae-ri itself was a calm and comfortable child growing up since she was a baby.“he opened his mouth.

Lee Ji-hye YouTube 'Kwan Jong-sister I don't hate'
Lee Ji-hye YouTube ‘Kwan Jong-sister I don’t hate’

He said, “In fact, there were a lot of worries and difficult parts while growing up.” “I read a lot of books about how to raise a sensitive child and worry about it, but in the case of Taeri, that sensitivity was amplified a little more after Ellie was born.”said.

He continued, “Recently, the biggest problem is not wanting to go to school. I don’t want to eat, I don’t want to speak English, I want to see my mom. They say they don’t want to go to school, but I cry every day and say I don’t go to school. It’s like this kind of temperament. It’s like you have to eat it with a green straw in the same cup.”

Lee Ji-hye YouTube 'Kwan Jong-sister I don't hate'
Lee Ji-hye YouTube ‘Kwan Jong-sister I don’t hate’

Husband Moon Jae-wan “You have to do what you think.”Lee Ji-hye explained, “And I can’t tolerate myself making a mistake. If I spilled a cup while trying to give it to my mother, I pass the blame on to me. And my aunt, who looked after me for a long time, went to China. Ellie was born again. It was a very difficult time,” he said frankly.

What is Jihye Lee’s daughter’s condition?

Also, “I hate it when my child does something that hurts someone or causes criticism. So I started counseling, but it’s not like everything can be resolved that day or I can’t conclude what kind of child it is. It wasn’t. It’s a twist. I came after the second psychological test and even the aptitude test.”

Lee Ji-hye YouTube 'Kwan Jong-sister I don't hate'
Lee Ji-hye YouTube ‘Kwan Jong-sister I don’t hate’

In particular, Lee Ji-hye said, “You said that. Tae-ri’s face is known. At some point, there is a time when you have to stop exposure.. He said that we should stop before the children recognize each other, so we are thinking about the timing. Even now, sometimes when the camera is pointed at me, if I say I don’t want to take a picture, I try not to take a picture. Even children have their own ego, and they say they don’t like it, but you can’t force them to do it. A day may soon come when you won’t be able to see Taeri at any moment.“He also said.

Moon Jae-wan said, “I am here”, and Lee Ji-hye “Imagine Taeri as much as you can while watching your husband.He announced that he would continue to create content for the short time left.

He said, “When you meet Tae-ri, he doesn’t say, ‘Hey Tae-ri!’. Thank you for asking and thank you for approaching me carefully. Because of this, I will always greet you with a bright face, so please come to me comfortably.”

Lee Ji-hye YouTube 'Kwan Jong-sister I don't hate'
Lee Ji-hye YouTube ‘Kwan Jong-sister I don’t hate’

Finally, Moon Jae-wan said, “We are also lacking in counseling. We are also the first time as parents, so when the experts saw Tae-ri, they wanted to hear their perspective. Tae-ri seems to be a very bright child who grows up well, isn’t it our first love? We listened to the advice because we wanted to grow well.” Lee Ji-hye continued, “I heard that Tae-ri has leadership. I think I can say it like this. It’s just me,” and made everyone laugh.

marriage and second child

online community
online community

Born in 1980, 42 years old, Korean singer and talent Lee Ji-hye, who was a World Music trainee at the time, joined the group on October 28, 1998, at the recommendation of Lee Sang-min, and debuted as the main vocalist.

Lee Ji-hye’s clear tone and solid singing ability, and the combination of the opposite tone of Ji-young Seo, who was a member of the same group, contributed greatly to making several hits, and was highly praised by the public, and her own awareness rose significantly. However, in October 2002, the following year, a feud between her members ended her group activities, and she gained sympathy through this incident.

Jihye Lee's Instagram
Lee Ji-hye’s Instagram

And in July 2017, through his Instagram, he announced the news that he would get married in the fall, and in September of the same year Married Moon Jae-wan, CEO of a tax accountant who is 3 years olderwill do.

And in June 2018, she appeared on “Entertainment Weekly” to announce her pregnancy, and in December 2018, she gave birth to a healthy daughter. And she gave birth to her second until December 2021, three years later.

​​​​​​​Since August 2019, she opened a YouTube channel called ‘Unhateful Kwanjeong’ and uploaded various videos such as singing at coin karaoke. Currently, her subscriber count is 710,000.

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