Health There is Sports Medicine in CAR

There is Sports Medicine in CAR

The Mario Vázquez Raña High Performance Center (CAR MVR) already has a Sports Medicine department, as was announced by physiatrist Juan Pablo Ávila Zamudio, who commented that after the return of high-performance athletes to training, The protocols established by the Ministry of Health and Civil Protection are followed, such as taking temperature, sanitizing, applying antibacterial gel and healthy distance in this sporting scenario.

The invitation to join the team of this place was thanks to the invitation of the administrator of the same, Raymundo Muñoz García with the approval of the director of the State Sports Institute (IED), teacher Anakaren Ávila Ceniceros, this service is available and from several weeks ago to cover the requirements of the athletes of the disciplines who already come to train at the CAR MVR and also those that are contemplated in the future to be integrated as programmed in this place.

“Currently I attend an average between 5 and 6 athletes in the afternoons, mostly footballers from the State Selection of Women’s Soccer, Street Soccer and the young people who will play the World Cup in Morocco, of which 70 percent are young women and the rest are men who come with various injuries ”, he added that of the injuries that he has been seeing the most in the unit are on loads or joint ailments, due to the events of the COVID-19 pandemic and forced them to lower the intensity of their training.

Recently, paramedic Aldo Alejandro Rosales Reyes joined the Sports Medicine team, which will benefit the department since it would be the first attention to the athlete, but together both are giving diagnoses and implementing the corresponding therapies and giving them a recovery time and we are in permanent contact with their coaches.



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