"There is still no specific line to promote innovation or a cancer strategy in Spain"

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Spanish cancer research is cutting edge. 3% of all publications on cancer worldwide originate from our country, with the presence of Spanish oncologists in the main studies and in the plenary sessions of the most relevant international congresses. However, Spanish research is characterized by its precariousness and lack of strategy.

To denounce this situation and provide solutions in this field that can improve cancer figures, Medical Journal y pharmacist mailtogether with the Spanish Association Against Cancer organized a working breakfast that brought together Jose Palacios, head of the Pathology Anatomy Service of the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital in Madrid; to Marta Puyol, scientific director of the Association’s Scientific Foundation; to Elizabeth Orbgeneral director of the same and its Scientific Foundation, and to the patient Cuca Vargues. In the act, in addition, the association presented an ambitious challenge: reach 70% survival in cancer in the medium term.

One of the difficulties in researching cancer, as Palacios pointed out, is the lack of means and the low amount of money with which projects are financed, especially when compared to other similar European initiatives.

The objectives of the association focus on boost academic research and studies in earlier phases, improving public and private financing, Puyol stressed. “There is also the problem of the lack of generational change, we are not a country that attracts innovative talent,” he warned, to which Palacios added that it is “fundamental” to increase the workforce and create new lines of research.

“We have specialized in obtaining European funds, and that is not a good thing, because we are leaving something in the hands of third parties that should be absolutely strategic. We are doing a lot with very little, but R&D spending is not increasing. What would happen if we invested more money?” Orb wondered.

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