There is trouble: they hide a goal from Cristiano

Everything was happiness around Cristiano Ronaldo on his return to the Portugal team: record number of international matches (197) and a double against Liechtenstein with which to recover his smile after a turbulent World Cup. However, the first goal for the Portuguese, the one that the referee and UEFA attributed to Cancelo, was not awarded when Cristiano was clearly the last one in which he touched the ball.

After a shot from the side from the edge of the area, the ball stumbled over a defender and then the Portuguese legend. A rear repetition clarified that, before entering, he hits the heel. Despite this and the claim that he himself made on the pitch and also the fans on social networks, the authorship of the goal did not change. I would have guessed that instead of a double they would be crowned in the match with a hat-trick. And, most importantly, he would have left in one more goal, 121, the record for international goals that he currently holds.

Although Messi, the third on the list, has 99 and seems far away, a goal up is not the same as a goal down in this particular competition that both manage for being the footballer in history with the most goals with the national team. Last year Cristiano ousted the Iranian Ali Daei from said classification. The former Bayern player remains second on the list, although with the threat of Messi closing in on him. Farther away and prominent is the great Portuguese star, who adds 120 when it should be 121. It does not seem relevant, but it may have its importance in history.

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