“There isn’t a great third game where Sony doesn’t have exclusive content for PS4 and PS5,” says Imran Khan.

According to him, there is not a game left in which Sony does not have exclusive agreements with the so-called “Playstation Advantage”.

As you well know, Marvel’s Avengers will have some exclusive content on the PlayStation version for PS4 and PS5. What started out as a character as Spider-Man, ended up being much more than that, since even the Sony consoles players have early access to the game’s beta.

Shortly after confirming Spider-Man as an exclusive character from Marvel’s Avengers on PlayStation, the same Imran Khan claimed: “If you are pissed about this, better save energy, because next year will be a marathon of being pissed off“. In reference people annoyed by exclusivity.

However, now he’s back to explain himself better. “There is no great third party game in which Sony has failed to reach any agreement. Some are content, some are games, and some are content and games. It is not that Microsoft has not made offers, they did not want to pay the stipulated amount because Sony had already arrived with very large numbers “.

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But the communication that Khan has to offer about all this does not end here, he leaves one last sentence: “This brand of ‘Playstation Advantage‘, attached to the’console exclusives“Both are going to be used a lot over the next few years.” This means that now Sony not only relies on the exclusives of its console, but also on content that They will only be on PS4 and PS5 versions multiplatform games.

Imran Khan It was already in the news several months ago by ensuring that Rocksteady was preparing a Suicide Squad game, something that it was confirmed yesterday.

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Now, and although it has not entered names, by ensuring that no cross-platform game left without PlayStation dealsWhat do you think?

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