There was a case where a patient died after receiving a lung transplant infected with Corona 19 and his condition worsened (study results)

Doctors said that a woman in Michigan, USA, died of infection with Corona 19 after receiving a lung transplant last fall. Although the organ donor initially responded negatively to Corona 19 and had no associated symptoms, the transplanted organ was infected with the coronavirus. Published in the American Journal of Transplantation ResearchAccording to the report, this is the first case in the United States where an organ donor transmitted the’SARS-CoV-2′ virus, which causes Corona 19, to organ transplanters.

The study’s co-author, Dr. Daniel Cowl, Michigan Medical’s Transplant Infectious Disease Service Officer, Kaiser Health NewsE. “If the lungs tested positive for Corona 19 before transplantation, of course they would not have used it,” he said. “We did all possible tests in advance.”

Doctors tested for Corona 19 with samples taken from the neck and nose of a female organ donor who died after suffering severe brain damage in a car accident. The test result was negative. Usually, both organ donors and organ transplanters are regularly screened for disease infections.

The organ donor’s family said the donor had never traveled recently and had no fever, cough, headache, or diarrhea. It is not known whether the donor has recently been infected with Corona 19 or has been in contact with a suspected person.

Women who have had an organ transplant Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease It was a patient. He tested negative for COVID-19 a few hours before the transplant procedure.

The woman had a fever, low blood pressure, and respiratory symptoms worsened three days after receiving the transplant. Doctors tell him Septic shockAnd after heart dysfunction occurred, samples were collected from the patient’s nose, throat, and lower respiratory tract and tested for COVID-19. Samples from the nose and throat were negative, but a positive response to Corona 19 was confirmed in samples from the lower respiratory tract.

The patient’s condition continued to deteriorate over the next several weeks. he is Multiple organ failureI experienced a respiratory disease that got worse and worse. He’s antiviralRemdesivir’He was treated with and received recovery plasma twice, but his condition continued to deteriorate. He eventually died two months after receiving a lung transplant. As a result of subsequent tests, organ transplanters were more likely to be exposed to Corona 19 and infected by the lungs of the organ donor.

In 2020, there were nearly 40,000 organ transplants in the United States. When donating organs such as kidneys, heart, and liver, not lungs, Cowl said, the actual probability of transmission is low even if the donor is infected with Corona 19.

However, through this case, the corona 19 test on organ donors will be conducted more precisely in the future. “The results of this study suggest that when organ transplants are performed in areas with high rates of COVID-19, more extensive testing is needed than before,” Kaul told Kaiser Health News.

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