“There was so much love that it was difficult”: Cynthia remembers the hard break up with her ex-partner

The driver Cynthia Rodriguez He recalled when he had a relationship with another contestant of the musical reality “The academy”, Where she rose to fame in the media.

It should be remembered that the presenter of the program “Come the joy”Was part of the fourth generation of the TV Azteca reality show, where he finished fourth in the competition. However, the artist also attracted attention not only for her performances on stage, but also for her love relationships.

And it is that in 2005, while Cynthia He was part of the reality show, he had an affair with his partner from the broadcast, José Luis Díaz. The success of the couple was such that they even performed the main theme of the soap opera “Amor en custodia”.

However, the relationship did not bear fruit and they ended, but the artist stressed that it was difficult to continue in presentations with her ex-partner.

“Imagine that you record a song with someone who is your boyfriend. ‘We are going to record, yes, hand in hand. We recorded the song. We said ‘We didn’t even get the lyrics, we recorded it and that’s it’. The novel is a success, the subject is number one. We finished ourselves and we had to go sing to all the events and he, as we were no longer walking, suddenly came up to me and gave me a kiss at the end, “Cynhia told singer Isabel Lascuráin for her YouTube channel.

Cynthia He stressed that, although they did not end badly, “there was so much love that when we finished that was the difficult thing.” The artist asserted that this was a very beautiful part of her story. He added that once he met him and was able to greet his wife.

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In another interview with the Pinky Promise program, the host asserted that when they interpreted the song they did not greet each other, since the song symbolized more “pain of love than of contempt.”

“There is nothing worse than breaking up with someone you still love, great guy, good person, I can’t say anything bad about him, just then we left The academy, we went on tour, I started to record my first album, we no longer saw each other as I would have liked, I gave priority to my career and the relationship cooled down ”, said the singer.

With information from Fama Magazine.

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