Therefore, the disease is not a corona successor and not a threat

The spread of the coronavirus is pushing hospitals and medical personnel worldwide to their limits. Now a message from China is causing new uncertainty. According to a report by the Chinese party newspaper “Global Times”, a man has died there from the Hanta virus.

The symptoms are not unlike those of the coronavirus: sufferers can also suffer from shortness of breath and fever. Comparisons to the Covid 19 pandemic are already being made on social networks. According to virologists, however, these are completely unfounded.

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Hanta: No transmission known between people

According to the Robert Koch Institute, hantaviruses are common worldwide, but different virus types exist in the respective countries. The virus is not unknown in Germany either. Unlike Covid-19, however, the Hanta virus cannot be transmitted from one person to another. Infection is only possible through contact with rodent excretions such as mice and rats. For example, people can become infected if they inhale the pathogen or come into contact with it through an open wound.

Although infection is unlikely, 29 contact persons of the deceased man from Yunnan province are now being tested for the Hanta virus, according to the “Global Times”. The government of the Ningshan County said on Wednesday that the results are still being awaited.

Twitter users take it with humor

Although some people are already worried about the next contagious disease in the light of media reports about the hantavirus, the majority of users on the social network Twitter take it with humor.

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There are numerous memes and ironic tweets about the supposed threat from hantaviruses. Virologists like Yang Zhanqiu from Wuhan University also believe a Hanta epidemic is unlikely. Normally, people don’t get Hantavirus and COVID-19 at the same time, he told the Global Times.

In the Chinese province of Yunnan, more than 1,200 infections with the Hanta virus have been reported in the past five years.

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