Theresa May announces “bold offer” to Brexit deal


MWith a “bold offer”, British Prime Minister Theresa May still wants Parliament to approve the Brexit agreement with the EU. In early June, she will make a proposal to Parliament, May announced in a guest contribution to the Sunday Times. It will be “a new and bold offer”.

May assured in her contribution that she continued to believe “that it is possible to get a majority in parliament for an exit with agreement”. To this end, she would submit “an improved package of measures” that was acceptable.

Agreement already rejected three times

May's new proposal is expected to include measures to protect workers' rights, details of customs agreements with the EU, and the use of advanced border control technology between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. May, on the other hand, should not try to renegotiate the Brexit agreement itself with the EU, as Brussels strongly rejects it. May will probably present her suggestions in a speech later this month.

The lower house had rejected the Brexit Agreement three times in recent months. On Friday, the opposition Labor Party broke off negotiations with the conservative head of government over a Brexit compromise after six unsuccessful weeks. Given the “weakness and instability” of the government, there is no confidence that possible negotiation results would be implemented, said Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn.

May's EU-negotiated Brexit agreement includes provisions on financial obligations to the EU, the future rights of EU citizens in the UK, transitional arrangements, and arrangements for border controls between the British Province of Northern Ireland and the EU member Avoid Ireland.



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