“Therese and Isabelle” was too daring French

literature “Therese and Isabelle”

Her sex novel was too daring even French

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Violet Leduc (1907 to 1972)

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Violette Leduc described sex as radically as there is no lesbian porn on the Internet. Unfortunately, “Therese and Isabelle” is no longer available. The novel should not be missing in any canon of feminist literature.

Zwhite students in a Catholic boarding school, every night they seek each other. What they do with one another is usually called sex, and in Violette Leduc's “Therese and Isabelle” it is shown so decidedly exactly how no lesbian porn on the Internet can do it; it is as if someone is looking through a very powerful magnifying glass, as underwear is pushed to the side, fingertips and tongue tips dance.

But there is something else. There is, in every sentence, a lyrical tone that is more courageous than any pornography, deeper than the fingers that sink in the body of the other. “I dropped to my knees in front of the medallion, I saw its rays, the bush,” they say, “I ventured into it like a smuggler, my face ahead. Isabelle's legs gripped me like a pair of scissors. ”

The body boundaries blurring

It is something that is as rare in life as it is in books: body blurring, loss of identity, radical purpose: “I finally became myself by stopping being.” If that's sex then have it the least, one does not know, whether to their detriment or to their happiness – after all, it is dangerous to forget the imperatives of self-assertion, even if it is for pleasure.

Violet LeducThe woman who wrote this novel was unhappy, exhausting and exalted throughout her life, the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy father who did not recognize her, and a malignant mother who was romantically involved with homosexual men who had turned her back on her Simone de Beauvoir was taken under the wing, which encouraged her to write everything, really everything of the soul, and so until a few years before her death in 1972 grueling unsuccessful.

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While her debut album “L'Asphyxie” was published by Gallimard at the instigation of Albert Camus and received praise from Jean-Paul Sartre, Jean Cocteau and Jean Genet, “Therese and Isabelle” did not become a success: the book was only published in 1966 in a censored version The gentlemen at Gallimard thought it was too daring, only long after her death became the original version published in German (1990 at Piper) is out of stock. As radical, intense and magnificently written as “Therese and Isabelle” is, it should actually appear in every canon of feminist literature – but hardly anyone knows the novel and its author, though it has become a highly praised one biopic about them.

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Why is it that “Therese and Isabelle” still is not perceived as the overwhelming blast he is? Hard to say. It may be that Leduc's prose is always too drunk, ecstatic, emphatic and distant for contemporary people. They are known to be rather laconic, which keeps the others at a distance. Leduc could learn to lose him.

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