These 2 Men’s Volleyball Players in Proliga 2023 Volunteer to Defend Surabaya BIN Samator, Turns Out They Have Blood Relations!

NORTHERN TIMES– Peek 2 player men’s volleyball in Proleague 2023 who is willing to defend Surabaya BIN Samatorapparently there is blood relation.

Men’s volleyball tournament Proleague 2023 will take place in early January with participants consisting of 7 men’s clubs and 6 women’s clubs.

Seven men’s volleyball teams in Proleague 2023 namely Bogor LavAni, Surabaya BIN SamatorJakarta BNI 46, Jakarta Pertamina Pertamax, Palembang Bank Sumsel Babel, Kudus Sukun Badak, and Jakarta Bhayangkara.

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Interestingly one month before the opening Proleague 2023a number of participating clubs have announced the names player flagship men’s volleyball.

For example Surabaya BIN Samator who officially announced the names of their favorite volleyball players in the tournament Proleague 2023 future.

Two of them namely player senior men’s volleyball Dimas Saputra and Bintang Saputra. Who would have thought the two volleyball players Proleague 2023 it has blood relation.

Player Siblings Men’s Volleyball Proleague 2022

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