These 2019: BOSE introduces a noise reduction system for cars


Bose has introduced a new technology that should delight car music fans. If you do not want to be bothered by road noise, Bose has found the solution to your problem. For this, the brand was inspired by one of its products, QuietComfort silent headphones that will give the same name to the automotive innovation: QuietComfort Road.

A calm environment

The new system will measure the vibrations generated by the wheels thanks to the accelerometers. These vibrations are responsible for the noise perceived inside the cabin. Bose promises that his algorithm can, in milliseconds, neutralize this noise, generating an opposite signal that will then be transmitted through the speakers.

Several small microphones measure the sound in the cabin to optimize noise reduction if necessary. What, create a peaceful environment to listen to your music, chat and make calls in peace.


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