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These 38 films and series will soon be released · KINO.de

Customers of Amazon Prime Video should pay attention, because some films and series will disappear in the near future.

Every month Amazon adds several new series and films to its Prime Video streaming service. However, on the other hand, people regularly clean out and customers have to part with some highlights. And what better time period would there be to watch all of these soon disappearing titles quickly?

We have summarized for you what is no longer available with the Amazon Prime Video flat rate within the next 30 days:

If you want to see Chris Hemsworth in action, “Operation 12 Strong” gives you the opportunity. © Concorde

For the following plants, Amazon Prime has not yet announced when they will expire on the streaming service. It should only happen within the next 30 days, so you can take a little more time than with the previously mentioned films and series.

Keanu Reeves doesn’t like what he sees in “Knock Knock”. Hopefully you guys at Amazon Prime Video. © LEONINE

In addition to streaming films and series, there are numerous other tips on how to pass the time at home in the current situation. Our colleagues from Desired provide you with some help against camp freaks. Familie.de, on the other hand, has a number of ideas on how you can easily and playfully spend time with children in this situation.

After all, these films stay with Amazon Prime Video:

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