These 4 Antique Motorcycles Are Hunted By Collectors, Prices Reach Hundreds of Million Rupiah

MEDIALAMPUNG CO.ID – It turns out that it’s not only luxury or branded items that are being hunted by collectors.

However, old school or antique items are also hunted so that every collector can own them, one of which is antique or old school motorcycles.

The reason is that the scrap metal has a high resale value, but not only age but the high or low selling price is influenced by several factors.

Things that can affect the selling price of scrap metal include the completeness of the motorbike which is still original, the type of motorbike and the existence of the motorbike itself on the market which is becoming scarce.

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So that old motorbikes are always the target of collectors even though their price values ​​are very high, ranging from millions of rupiah to hundreds of millions of rupiah.

It is known that old motorbikes have advantages and disadvantages in the eyes of collectors. Apart from being tested, another advantage that stands out is that it is resilient despite old age.

In addition, the price of old school motorbikes generally always goes up every year, especially for limited edition motorbikes or those with certain uniqueness. Thus, old motorbikes can also be valuable assets for future savings.

Also, old school motorbikes also have artistic value rather than the latest motorbikes. Because, starting from the frame, engine, to accessories for older motorbikes, they are usually designed as uniquely as possible.

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Here are old motorbikes that are still the target of collectors:

1.Honda CB100

The Honda CB100 is timeless. From year to year, these old motorbikes are increasingly being sought after, especially by young people today

For your information, the Honda CB100, which was launched around the 1970s, will again increase in popularity in 2022. Moreover, this motorbike has been used in one of the highest-grossing films in Indonesia, namely Dilan 1990.

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