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The Facebook subsidiary WhatsApp has given its voice messaging feature six new functions. “Today” has all the details.

In 2013 the first voice message was sent via WhatsApp sent. The function is now used seven billion times a day – and the trend is rising. In view of the great popularity, the Facebook-Daughter hard on the modernization screw. We tell you what you can look forward to in the next few weeks.

We can look forward to these six new features.WhatsApp

Playback outside of chat In the future you can Chat exit while listening to a voice message. This way you can read or reply to other messages at the same time.

– Pause or resume recording You lose the thread during a recording, want to think about something or are disturbed? No problem! In future, recordings can simply be interrupted and continued at a later point in time.

– Recording control before sending Now you can finally listen to voice messages and check them again before you click the “Send” button.

– Fast replay This feature allows you to listen to your own and forwarded voice messages at 1.5x and double the speed – cool for lengthy announcements.

– Playback from the last listened position Heard part of a message? The new feature allows you to continue where you left off.

– Visualization in waveform This means that the sound of the voice message is displayed visually, making it easier to track the progress.

And when is it? According to WhatsApp, the new features will be “rolled out over the next few weeks.”

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