These actors also speak other languages

French, German and Russian

These Hollywood stars are language cracks

It is not uncommon for screen stars to at least learn foreign accents for new roles, but sometimes also completely new languages. This is easier for some than for others – as these five examples show.

Just when everyone was rumored again whether Johnny Depp (59) had a new woman by his side after the nerve-racking war of roses against ex Amber Heard (36), the “all clear” came. The lady spotted at his side at the Umbria Jazz Festival is a language coach. The Hollywood beau is practicing for his role in the film Jeanne du Barry, which is due to hit theaters in 2023. Depp has already had experience with our national language.

Depp already speaks a good deal of French – this stems from his marriage to Vanessa Paradis (49). He lived with the model in Paris for more than ten years, and the couple also raised their children Lily-Rose (23) and John Christopher Depp III (20) bilingually. Tres bien!

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